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Welcome to Option Knob, Inc.
  • Option Knob, Inc. was launched to provide musicians with more options and control over their sound and live expression. Our custom controllers are designed for professional musicians, but they can also easily be enjoyed by players at any level of expertise.

  • Effects Pedal Foot Controller

    Enables you to manipulate your effects in real-time without having to take your hand away from your instrument or bend down.

  • Glow in the Dark OKnobs

    Charge with any bright light source such as flood lights, LEDs or natural sunlight-the longer you charge the longer it glows!

  • Electric Guitar Volume Controller

    Couple your pinky finger with the “C” notch at end of the arm for dynamic volume control while strumming or picking.

  • Pedal Chart

  • Check out our pedal chart to find which model OKnob works with your pedal, Classic or Boutique.

  • Pedal chart Result here

      Pedal Type Oknob
    Analogman Boutique
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