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This portion of the site is dedicated to YOU our valued customer. Email your feedback and a picture of your pedal setup to and we will post it up here for the world to see. Thanks!


064 Freeman The Seething Brunswicks San Francisco, CA

This device is one of those clever inventions that make you wonder why no one thought of it long ago. I've only used it for a week, but it seems sufficiently sturdy and works as advertised.

Allen Mautner Guitarist Salt Lake City

I love the option knob!! I've been using them for 4 years now. I'm a working musician I play at least 4 times a week - usually more. Everytime I play people ask about the option knob and I enthusiasticaly point them your way. Thanks for making a great product!

Karl von Kries Guitarist Too Late For Roses

I did a web search for "pedal effects knob control" or similar and found your site (after the 3d-hand folks). Two in use so far, more probably in the future! Very handy solution. Thanks!

Oliver Guitarist Germany

my friend dirk scheuer (you already have a picture of his pedalboard) found your optionknob in web and he told me :-). for me it´s a perfect solution. with the new two knobs, i will then use 4 optionknobs on my board.

Ketil Strand Norway

I was just sitting one day thinking there should have been a way to control the knobs on my guitar pedals with my feet instead of having to bend down to the floor all the time. And I searched the internet to see if anybody else had thought of that, and, guess what; you guys had! The option knob is ingenious (like I would have invented it myself..)! I bought three of them for now, and I might be buying more later. Thanks for a great product!

Luke Guitarist California

I found out about this gadget in Guitar Player Magazine. So far, I've only tried it on my Carbon Copy Delay. It's pretty handy.

Nobuo Tokyo, Japan

It is definitely the simplest way for the stomp box gang to expand expression of the sound. I'm using an Option Knob for my ATD/First Act V-Stack Classic to adjust the amount of its gain("Drive") level. I used 2 V-Stack Classic stomp boxes for both a crunch rhythm sound and a lead sound. Now I have one with an Option Knob! I'm even looking forward to the Knob with a LED glowing!!!!!

Jeff Engler Deja Blu Band Arvada, CO

I received the optionknob classic. A very nice product.Very sturdy and great bang for your buck.Currently I’m using it on a Boss DD5 to control delay level. A much better solution than a "third hand" pedal.(I hear they are crappily made) or an old EH Hot Foot. Good luck with your product. I’ll be spreadin" da word.

Hugo Ivan Estrada Mexico

I use the option knob on three pedals, my favorite is in my MXR Phase 90, has an interesting probabilities allows me to have real-time control of my sound, it's very experimental¡¡¡¡ On the Tr-2 from Boss it is very useful, without a need to kneel down for set the rate. And of Course my Digital Delay, someone mark a difference when you set the delay on time on a performance. Option Knob is always with me, a new inovation for an experimental, dared, guitar or bass player. You have to do it¡¡

Raphael Vanoli Knalpot The Netherlands

I think option knob is an effective and ingenious little tool that really opens up new dimensions to the usage of pedals. It makes knob-turning much more dynamic and precise, works great when played with your hands and doesn't add significant weight to pedalboards. I was really happy to find such a controler that stimulates your creativity so much

Har Guitar & Bass Bands: Christus & The Cosmonaughts, Solo Dark-Ambient Artist USA

I have the Option Knob on the Boss DD20 GigaDelay (white dual pedal on upper tier, second from left), controlling the delay's Feedback level. I use the DD20 for long delay-based looping for dark-ambient soundscaping, and the Option Knob lets me easily tweak the loops. I do many solo live-in-the-studio performances on my weekly online radio show "Nightscaping" on, and the Option Knob really is key to making the performances run smoothly. I also use the Option Knob as part of my live bass rig, to control drive levels.

Jim Greer Guitarist Narrow Gauge Denver, CO

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how fantastic and show changing your OKnob is. It truly is innovative. I've been messing around with it for days and I love it. I'm using two of them on my Diamond Tremolo. One to adjust the depth and the other to switch between the cool tremolo sounds the Diamond has in it. I won't have to bend down ANYMORE and can just focus on the show! Thank you for a great product!

Kent Thompson Guitarist New York

The option knobs work great as I don't have to change patches on my boss me 70. One is set on the volume/ output Another to change the wah to whammy setting One for delay time obviously for the edge in all of us And on my solo / dist sound I have on the harmonizer so I can bring that in mid solo or on my crunch I have octave so i can bring that in for that Hendrix thing etc So I'm very pleased with the knob! It's really opened up my pedal board cheers Kent

Frank Swart Bassist Funkwrench Nashville, TN

We will never stop kneeling before the gods of Sonics but O-Knobs definitely provide another really creative OPTION to pedal playing.

wayne avers -nashville guitarist the monkees atlantic starr jeff carson broadway/off braodway shows

brilliant idea, i love the option knob. i use it on my delay and my loop station. i've always wondered why nobody had come up with this idea before,i always wanted something like this!!

Hershel Yatovitz, lead guitarist for Chris Isaak and Silvertone

"OKnobs allow me to use the pedals with the best sound for the song on the road and in the studio, not just the ones with expression pedal capabilities. They also save valuable pedalboard real estate. OKnobs are easy to use and easy to see; the perfect cure for the overly complex rig."

Scott Casey New Orleans, LA

I have been using oknobs since a friend of mine gave me one he got as a sample at Summer NAMM a few years ago. What a super cool, super simple idea! I use them on my Alpha Drive, Fulldrive II, Guv’nor, Echo Park and Arion Chorus pedals. Here’s a pic of one of my boards that has all of the basics, drive, clean boost, tremolo, chorus and echo. I play blues, country and acid jazz/funk. I really love the oknob it’s like turning a regular pedal into a pedal with presets or into multiple pedals, wish I’d thought of it! Thanks!

Todd Longfellow Dyer, IN

I use a classic Oknob to control the drive on an Indyguitarist modded Boss SD-1 super overdrive.

Phillip Dodge Artistic Differences Baltimore, MD

"The Option Knob is great. I use the classic model to adjust the delay time on my Digitech and Visual Sound H20 delay pedals. I have also been using one to adjust speed and/or depth on my Marshall Vibratrem. I use a boutique model to adjust the balance of the clean vs. distortion blend on my Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive. They work great and allow me to make quick changes without taking my hands off of the guitar. Something tells me I am just at the tip of the iceberg for finding uses for the Option Knob..."

Gordon Neate Guitarist Canada

I saw your ad in the Guitar Player mag. I really like the new Option Knob design. It was this redesign that made me pull the trigger and place an order.

Charlie Yarwood Memphis, TN

Here's my current pedalboard layout. Nutty, yes, but I like it. Notice the Oknobs on the vibrato (Rate) and delay (D-level) pedals to the left. Very handy. Reflective tape on the "pointer" wings of the Oknobs helps tell the difference between 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock.

Dirk / Softcore Explosion Guitarist website: Germany, Offenburg

I'm using the Optionknob with my Boss DD-7 to control the Feedback. I like the Optionknob because it is easy to install, easy to use and it is much more cheaper than an expression pedal. I'll install another Optionknob on my EHX Small Stone. As the Small Stone has no expression pedal input, the Option Knob is the number one choice to control the speed of phasing with my foot. Way to go, Optionknob! Cheers, Dirk

Jon Durst Lonely Road Houston, TX

Here is a photo of my pedalboard. I play with a country band in and around houston tx called "Lonely Road". I love my option knobs and the freedom i have with them, i use it most to blend in and out my #1 echo.

Adam Shoanfeld Guitarist Tennessee Tim McGraw

Someone gave one to me. I use them on tour with Tim McGraw. As soon as my memory man gets back on my board (being fixed) ill snap u a picture. I use 2 on the mem man, and one on my tremolo. All the best, A.S.

Willie T. Cole

I use four Option Knobs on my current setup. First in the chain, is the OKnob Classic on the "Blend" on the Electro Harmonix Octave Pedal. Second, there is another OKnob Classic on the "Master" volume of the Ibanez Tube King, allowing for post gain volume control. Third, is the new GloKnob on the MXR Carbon Copy "Delay Time" for tweaking the time or doing crazy pitch changes. Finally, there is another OKnob Classic on the MXR Phase 90. I always keep a few extra OKnobs with me where ever I go. I work with bands touring all over the world, and EVERY guitar technician needs an OKnob in their workbox. They are such a useful tool with endless applications for anyone who uses guitar pedals. The GloKnob only continues to propel the OKnob brand well into the future! Thanks Oknob!

Matt Walberg H-Beam Nashville, TN

Twisting and turning my toes now learning To do what my fingers did Lost my old knob, The "O" does the job Melts face and blows off yer lid No bending over, my soul's controller The idea I wish I had had For this here invention, I know it is destined For pedals across the land Option Knob, you are a treat.

Nate Scott Guitarist Indiana

I just stumbled upon your website after seeing a pic of an option knob online. I'm loving the 3 I ordered, and will probably get one more for my reverb once it arrives. I think I'll get one of the new versions next, cause the two on my deluxe memory boy can hit each other at just the right settings, but it's usually not a problem. Thanks for this great product!

Steve Messina Guitarist Staten Island, NY

Im grateful for this amazing tool. Extremely easy fit on any pot shaft, The strongest man made material I have ever seen. No worries, it does not protrude and is 1000x better than a mechanical exp pedal that would take up a lot of space on the board. You can drive the knob like a steering wheel. I really like that. Thanks for making this.

Pat Bergeson Nashville, TN

I am using the classic option knob on the Ibanez analog delay and the Boss DD-5 delay.Thanks again! What a great tool....