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    The OKnob uses a friction-based grip to replace your factory knob and fit tightly in its place. It’s also made out of very durable materials so that it can withstand being tossed around in your gig bag.

    • Traditional effects pedal knobs may be different sizes on the outside, but they all have a very similar size hole on the bottom side of the knob.
    • We designed 2 different models, the Classic and the Boutique, which cover the entire range of knob shafts so that it will ensure a snug fit when you replace your factory knob. In seconds you can install the OKnob or GloKnob on your favorite vintage pedal, or on your brand new pedal that you bought today!
    • The Classic works on traditional pedals such as Boss© and MXR©. Knob Shaft Diameter Range:.220 to .235 in (5.58-5.96mm)
      The Boutique is specially designed for “boutique style” pedals which have a larger knob shaft diameter. Knob Shaft Diameter Range: .235 to .25 in (5.96-6.35mm)

    OKnob & GloKnob Installation:

    • Pull off factory knob
    • Push on OKnob
    • Tap wings with toes

    Detailed Directions:

    • Select which factory knob you would like to control with your foot, turn the knob counter-clockwise as far as it will go, then remove the knob by pulling it firmly upward (Some factory knobs may require more force to remove than others, some may also have a set-screw that must be removed). Place this knob in a safe place so you can access it later if needed.
    • Align the OKnob so that its ‘wings’ are positioned at 7 o’clock and 1 o’clock when looking straight down at the pedal from above. Push the Option Knob on in place of where the factory knob was, push carefully until you feel that there is a snug or adequate grip.
    • Use your toes to tap the ‘wings’ of the OKnob left and right to whatever settings you prefer, do not apply direct downward pressure on the wings. Enjoy altering the effect in real-time during performances for more interactive live expression. You now have more options and control over your sound by using your foot instead of bending down and using your hand!
    • Always remove OKnobs when transporting your pedals to avoid accidental pressure on the pot shafts.


    The VKnob uses a friction-based grip to replace the factory volume knob on your electric guitar. Like the OKnob, it fits any style pot – split shafts, D shaped shafts, rigid and smooth shafts.

    • VKnob fits all of the volume pot styles on the market except the ¼ pot shafts. These are larger diameter smooth shafts that are found in some vintage Fender guitars and the EVH Low Friction Pot.
    • The arm extends the volume controller out making it easier to manipulate while playing.
    • The extended arm provides a greater range of volume control than a small round knob.
    • The arm can quickly be manipulated between your fingers for rapid tremolo effects.
    • Couple your pinky finger with the notch on the tip of the arm to volume swell every strum or each individual note on a melody or solo.

    VKnob Installation:

    • Pull off guitar volume knob
    • Tighten nut on pot shaft
    • Push on VKnob

    Detailed Directions:

    • Pull off the factory volume knob. Pull firmly by hand. If the knob is on too tight you may need to apply leverage with a flathead screwdriver in conjunction with pulling by hand (use a cloth to prevent any scratching).
    • Use pliers or hand socket wrench to tighten the nut around the exposed volume pot shaft to ensure the pot is tightly fastened.
    • Turn your volume pot to maximum (all the way to full volume)
    • Push on the VKnob so that the arm is pointed at 5 o’clock if looking strait at guitar (or 11 o’clock if holding the guitar looking down at the volume knob).
    • Turn the knob volume down by turning the arm back toward the strings, sweep forward to full volume by turning the arm down away from strings.
    • Depending on where you like your max volume to be when you play, or how far away your volume pot is from the strings, you may want to set the VKnob max volume closer or further away from the strings.
    • Strike a chord and sweep the arm of the VKnob left and right to quickly volume down and up and create a tremolo effect. You can do this by actually grabbing the arm, or by sliding any two fingers around either side of the VKnob and quickly move your hand up and down.
    • For dynamic note control position your pinky finger in the notch at the tip of the VKnob and while you strum/pick keep your finger tip in the notch so that each upstroke turns the volume down and each down stroke turns the volume up. Using this technique you can volume swell each individual note you pick on a solo or melody.
    • Remove VKnob when transporting your guitar to avoid unnecessary pressure being put on the volume pot from a gig bag, or hard case etc…