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  • How does it fit on my pedal?

    Pull off your factory knob and push on the OKnob in its place & you’re ready to go! Pedals are all different, some knobs will come off with a firm pull, some may require applying leverage (ex: from a flat-head screwdriver) while pulling the knob, and some knobs have a small set screw. Visit our “Directions” page for further explanation.

    How do I know which Oknob fits on my pedals?

    All traditionally designed pedals by big companies such as EHX, Boss© and MXR© use the Classic Oknob. Newer independent manufacturers that make “boutique” style pedals use a larger knob shaft and use the Boutique Oknob. Visit our “Pedal Chart” page for technical details about the difference between the Boutique and Classic sizes.

    What’s the difference between the Original Classic, OKnob Classic, and GloKnob Classic?

    The OKnob Classic has smaller wings than the Original Classic. It is silver instead of black, there is a keychain hole, and one wing is shorter than the other to help you calibrate where you are on the effect (like a hash mark). The GloKnob Classic is a lighter colored, glow-in-the-dark version of the OKnob Classic.

    How do I use it?

    First pick which parameter you want to have more control over, there can be many ways you can utilize the OKnob. Once you’ve replaced the factory knob then tap the OKnob’s wings left or right with your toes to alter the sound effect as you wish. Do not apply direct downward pressure on the wings.

    Does the OKnob have a tight grip?

    Yes, our friction-grip design ensures a snug fit every time. So no matter what style shaft it is (half moon, ribbed, full circle smooth) you just push down until you have a tight grip and you’re ready to go.

    Will it break easily?

    No. The Oknob is small but very strong, because it is made out of highly durable materials it can withstand severe impact. In fact, about the only way you will need to get a new one is if you lose it!

    Will it break my pedal easily?

    No. The OKnob is engineered to not cause any additional stress or torque on the pot shaft of your pedal. When used as instructed there is no harm to your pedal – just tap the wings left and right with your toes.

    What effect do I use it on?

    The beauty of the Oknob is that it is just a tool for your expression – you can use it on any parameter you like, whether it’s the volume, distortion gain, modulation, rate, delay time, feedback, octave, loop selector…and the list goes on! Give yourself that extra edge of control over your sound and let your soul run wild!

    Will the wings get in the way of toggling my pedal off and on?

    No. The Oknob is designed to give a proper amount of wing space for foot control, while also taking into consideration the on/off toggle switch of the pedal. From BOSS© style on/off pads to EHX© style toggle switches the Oknob has been engineered to give enough clearance.

    Can I use more than one Oknob on one pedal?

    In most cases No. The Oknob is designed to give you added control over one parameter where you have never before had a solution that is this simple, compact and cost effective. On most pedals the knobs are too close to be able to utilize two Oknobs, however there are some wider pedals out there that you could use 2 Oknobs on.

    How much is shipping?

    Because the Oknob is so small and light, shipping is very affordable. Shipping & Handling costs range from $2.85 for 1 unit, to $5 for 5 units in the USA… The price has been the same for international, but we will soon be charging an additional $5 International shipping fee due to USPS price increases. Continental USA takes 1-3 business days. International shipments generally takes 6-10 business days, but can take longer in some regions.

    Helpful Tips?

    Remove OKnobs when transporting pedals individually or in a pedal case to prevent accidental torque or damage to your pot shaft. Choose either the short or long wing as your ‘guide’ or hash mark to know where you are in the revolution of the sound parameter. The OKnob was designed for professional musicians, but it can be enjoyed by players at any level so long as it is used with care. It is a tool not a toy, so make sure that anyone who jumps on your rig understands how to use it. Let yourself explore real-time sound control and release more of your inner expression to create your own unique sounds!

  • What exactly does it do?

    The VKnob is like a tremolo pedal and a volume pedal all rapped up into one little knob. The arm allows you to perform lightning fast volume swells, and the pinky notch enables you to gain dynamic control of your volume while strumming or picking. Watch our video for a coulple of examples.

    How do I install it?

    You pull off your factory volume knob, make sure the nut around the exposed pot shaft is tight, then push on the VKnob until you have a snug fit. Some people even put it on their tone instead and create wah-wah effects. The proper installation technique is explained in detail on our Directions page. Or you can watch our video that shows how to install all of our products.

    Will it work with my electric guitar?

    The VKnob is designed to fit the majority of volume pots out there, in fact the only pot it is not compatible with is the 1/4 inch (6.35mm) shaft. This is because that shaft is too wide, however it’s not widely used. If you’re not sure just measure the diameter of your volume pot shaft and if its less than 1/4 inch then you’re good to go.

    How does it work?

    VKnob uses a friction-based grip to grab and hold on to all different shaft styles such as gnarled, D shaped, smooth, split, or any combination of those. It works with all pot shafts that are less than 1/4 inch in diameter, which is the majority of pots out there.

    Will it mess up my guitar?

    No, just think of it as an intuitive volume knob replacement, people change out there volume knobs all the time. You do however need to take care in your use of it. Before you push it on for the first time you need to make sure the nut around the volume pot is snug and tight. You’re about to work that pot more than its ever worked before so you don’t want it to be loose. Always remove the VKnob when putting your guitar into a case. This will ensure you don’t accidentally put harmful pressure on the volume pot.

    What if I have a 1/4 inch pot but want to use the VKnob?

    A volume pot can easily be replaced and there are a ton of different ones out there. Any guitar tech near you can change it out with a good quality pot of smaller diameter at a minimal cost. If you’re a DIY guy you can get a pot for about $5 online, $2.50 shipping, and after a little soldering you’re good to go.