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Pedal Chart



Due to the vast amount of pedals manufactured, we are constantly updating our chart. If you have a pedal that’s not on this list then send an email to and notify us of the brand and model of the pedal(s) you are inquiring about. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!
Fits traditional pedal styles like Boss© and MXR,© Knob Shaft Diameter Range: .220 to .235 in (5.58-5.96mm)
Fits "boutique-style" pedals with a large shaft.
Knob Shaft Diameter Range: .235 to .25 in (5.96-6.35mm)
Fits "classic" & "boutique-style" pedals.
Pedal Type Oknob
3Leaf Audio Boutique
Analogman Boutique
BBE Classic
Belcat Boutique
Black Cat Pedals Boutique
Boss Classic
Catalinbread Classic
Diamond Boutique
Diaz Classic
Digitech Classic
DMB Boutique
DOD Classic
Dreadbox Boutique
Dunlop Classic
EarthQuaker Boutique
Electro Faustus Boutique
Electro Harmonix Classic
Eventide Boutique
Frantone Boutique
Fulltone Boutique
Fuzzrocious Boutique
Gojira Classic
Hardwire Classic
Ibanez Classic
J. Rockett Audio Boutique
JHS Boutique
Keeley Boutique
Line 6 Classic
Lovepedal Boutique
Mad Professor Boutique
Marshall Boutique
Menatone Boutique
MI Effects Boutique
Modtone Classic
Moog Classic
MXR Classic
One Control Boutique
Paul Cochrane TIM Boutique
Pigtronix Boutique
Seymour Duncan Classic
Sitori Sonics Boutique
Skreddy Boutique
SmallsoundBigsound Boutique
SolidGoldFX Boutique
Strymon Classic
T Rex Classic
TC Electronic Classic
Tech 21 Boutique
TSVG Classic
Visual Sound Classic
VL-Effects Boutique
Voodoo Lab Boutique
Walrus Boutique
Wampler Boutique
WMD Classic works better
Xotic Boutique
ZVEX Boutique